Privatdetektei Ryffel AG offers the complete spectrum of professional information sourcing: Observations and technical surveillance, investigations and interrogations as well as covert unconventional researches.

We reach our goals through experience, individual solutions as well as persistence: The complete and discrete documentation of relevant events, the preservation of evidence as well as the clearance of the facts of a case. We are doing this by means of known strategies and by using the latest technologies.

A precise and detailed investigation-report is always the result of our work. We deliver presentable photo- and video- documentation as a supplement or when required. Applying mixed means according to your needs we guaranty maximum efficiency that ensures cost control as well.

Furthermore, we are innovative with regards to to safety provisions. Our specialists will be allocated for personal and material security. They are experienced professionals able to evaluate situations correctly. They will take appropriate, intelligent and unflustered actions, whenever necessary.

Case Studies

With the help of different case studies we would like to demonstrate you how we can assist you with your problems as detectives and private investigators: