Social welfare fraud

A recently immigrated family of five, files for benefits out of social welfare. According to internal criteria, the family seems to be entitled to receive benefits. The recipient of benefits complies his obligation to cooperate and shows willingness to cooperate.

To facilitate the re-entry into the labour market an assignment to an employment integration project is set by the welfare agency. The client was informed about this measure, and that the welfare benefits he was receiving are linked to the obligation to do everything reasonable to become independent from welfare benefits. As said project started, the recipient did not take part and excused his absence with medical reasons, which he proved with medical certificates.

First measures to avoid abuse are, verifyiing the number of individuals living in the household of the client, the client is invited to meetings on a short notice, as well as several attempts to reach the client by phone. Quickly the disease patterns and the treating physicians begin to change.

The welfare agency decides to clarify with the help of an external partner if a case of welfare abuse might be going on.


Subsequently, background investigation are performed on the ground. Several suspicions are clarified. First of all the centre of vital interest of the family in question is verified.

It can be observed, that besides the family of five, further individuals frequent the apartment. During an ongoing observation, the client is observed driving different vehicles. Our research reveals, that said vehicles are not registered on the name of the client. Surprisingly the client can be reached by phone under the address of the person, on who's name the vehicles are registered.

Furthermore it can be observed, that the client leaves the apartment in the evening and returns in the morning. It can be verified as well, that the client uses the vehicles of his friend to commute to work. The income out of that work has never been declared by the client.

The welfare agency received a detailed report, which helps finding adequate countermeasures.