About us

Since its formation in 1995, Privatdetektei Ryffel AG has established itself as a successful enterprise in the fields of investigation and security. As a renowned detective agency, we are productive for corporate as well as private clients.

The Privatdetektei Ryffel AG employs qualified and experienced investigators, who apply their skills each day to the benefit of our clients. Regardless of whether they work in the canton of Zurich, Zug, Bern, Lucerne, Aargau, Geneva or Basel, each of our investigators has the mandatory permissions and is allowed to perform investigations nationwide.

Innovation and constant adaptation to personnel and technological challenges as well as a reliable, worldwide network of investigators are our basis for optimal case handling. Our enterprise is in touch with detective agencies, investigators and private detectives all around the world. Our private detectives as well as our company are members of the most important national and international professional associations in the fields of investigative solutions and security.

Discretion and reticence are the number one priority of our company and our detectives. Today numerous companies from different sectors such as insurances, banks, manufactories, service providers, public authorities, lawyers and private clients rely on services of our company and our investigators.

With the help of several case studies we gladly demonstrate, how we can assist you with your matters as a private investigation company. In challenging situations sometimes only the best will prevail.