Frequently asked questions

Privatdetektei Ryffel AG has over twenty years of experience in providing investigative services. One of our most important principles is that our operations comply with the law. A reasonable part of our mandates end with evidence that hasto be presentable in court, so it must be obtained legally.

What costs do I have to expect?

It depends on what kind of information you need and how high the effort is to provide it. Since every case is different and several different approaches can be applied, it only makes sense to discuss the estimated costs in a nonbinding and confidential counselling interview.

How fast can you begin with an observation?

Depending on the circumstances and if necessary, as soon as all essential questions are cleared, an observation can begin the same day, shortly after the contract is signed.

In what form do I receive the investigation results?

Usually you are provided with a detailed, written investigation report. Depending on the information of interest it can contain pictures and illustrations. Video documents are either provided on DVDs or uploaded to a cloud-service.

Usually we send the investigation report by mail to an address specified by you. Of course you can pick up the report in our offices.

If you wish, we can review the results in a terminal interview.