Corporate Clients

Do your business partners comply with the contract? Is an insurance claim legitimate? Do you suspect brand piracy or investment fraud? With more knowledge comes more clarity, and evidence will increase your ability to act. We provide you with information about occurrences, their background stories and document circumstances, so you can obtain certainty about who, how, when and where. We provide access to a rich source of information, which is a solid base for decisions.

  • Verification of compliance with non-competition clauses
  • Investigations for security companies, commerce, and industry
  • Commercial and industrial investigations
  • Protection of brands and patents
  • Gathering of neutral evidence in alleged cases of inability to work
  • Personal security and physical protection
  • Control of field staff
  • Video surveillance and installation of CCTV
  • Investigations to prevent unfair competition
  • Assistance in cases of fraud
  • Defence against hostile takeovers
  • Localisation of hidden assets

Do you need help with the localisation of assets? Did one of your clients suffer financial damage and it turns out the injuring party is a fraudster? Is he hiding behind a skillfully crafted network of companies and persons or has even disappeared in another country without judicial assistance?