Verification of undeclared income

The client of the welfare agency in B. is an unemployed father of a family. He has not finished an initial training in any profession, which complicates his search for a job. Furthermore, there are deficits in housing conditions, motivation and social relationships.

The social worker of the welfare agency in B. identifies the missing initial training as the main reason for the client's unemployment. Subsequently the welfare agency arranges an initial training for its client, with the intention to increase his chances to find work. He temporarily receives unemployment benefits together with supplementary welfare benefits.

During the ongoing measures to reintegrate its client, the welfare agency receives hints that the wife of the recipient receives an undeclared income. After thorough assessment and a substantiated suspicion, welfare agency B decides to mandate Privatdetektei Ryffel AG.

Investigations as social inspector

We then are mandated, to verify if the client's wife actually receives an undeclared income. This information can be obtained through internal research or observations on location. It could be confirmed, that the client's wife is regularly working in a restaurant in the adjacent community.

As a consequence and due to the recommendation of Privatdetektei Ryffel AG, the client is obligated to attend regular meetings and take part in a reintegration program. Another consequence of the uncovering of the ongoing welfare fraud is the reduction of welfare benefits.

The employment of a social detective is regarded as a preventive measure by the welfare agency.