Encrypted communication

The currently used e-mail-protocols can neither warrant for authenticity nor confidentiality of the sent messages. The security can be substantially improved through the use of adequate encryption software.

Privatdetektei Ryffel AG is aware of that problem. To ensure confidentiality, we provide encrypted e-mail-communication. After thorough assessment of several encryption solutions of symmetric and asymmetric encryption, we have settled for GnuPG

GnuPG has the advantage of being freely available for private as well as commercial use and of being open source, which means, possible security holes can be discovered and closed faster.

For a graphic user interface on Windows and other useful tools we recommend Pgp4Win

If you are interested in encrypted e-mail-communication, please contact our IT-staff.

We set up our main e-mail-address, mail@investigation.ch, for encrypted communication. The public key can be downloaded here.