Localisation of assets

Real estate investor F. has big plans. Together with confidence inspiring businessman P., who he knows through some of his own business contacts, he plans to build a luxurious vacation resort at Lake Geneva

After providing a substantial investment, the disaster takes it's course. Before F. suspects, that he might be deceived, F. is stalled by P. for several months and tricked into executing further payments. Meanwhile P. abrogates his domicile in Switzerland and apparently manages to erase any traces. The contact between F. and P. is cut off. P. has disappeared without a trace.

Under these circumstances a reclaim of the made payments doesn't seem to have any prospect of success, and neither has any kind of enforcement. F. needs more information about the whereabouts of P. He contacts Privatdetektei Ryffel AG and mandates us with several investigations.


Thereafter we performed several sorts of environment analysis. The initially scarce information started to condense and we found a trace, which lead to the Monegasque Principality.

We sent one of our investigators to Monaco, who managed, together with a local correspondent out of our international network, to obtain further information. Several persons know P. and confirmed, that he has been staying in Monaco for a longer period of time, but hasn't been seen recently.

P. leaves further victims behind and is spreading misinformation. Phone line subscriptions where made on false identities and non-existent addresses and several landlords have been cheated out of several months of rent. Nonetheless the gained information, and further support through computer forensics, leads our investigations to Shanghai. Further investigations with our local partners reveal an address in Phuket, Thailand.

An investigator can discretely identify P. in front of his apartment.


F. is provided with a detailed report about our investigations. That report contains the current whereabouts of P., in what ventures he is involved and which contacts he maintains. And further victims can be identified.

At the request of F. the assets of P. are localised and quantified abroad. Obviously P. owns several letterbox companies to obfuscate his monetary flow.

The research of Privatdetektei Ryffel AG lead to the recognition, that P. owns substantial assets outside of Switzerland. Based on the results of our investigations, F. has the choice between teaming up with other aggrieved parties and file a class action against P. or sue P. on his own and let the court arrest the now known assets.

Through the pre-procedural investigations of Privatdetektei Ryffel AG the prospects of success have dramatically increased.