Qualified cohabitation

It was brought to the attention of Mr. B., that his ex-wife M.  allegedly had been in a new relationship for a longer time, while she claims to live on her own and not having a long term relationship. To sue out an adaption of his alimony, he needs proof that his ex-wife is living in a so called qualified cohabitation. As a consequence, Mr. B. mandates Privatdetektei Ryffel AG with investigations.


Subsequently we performed a background check. We identified the centre of vital interest of Ms M. Thereafter we performed interviews with neighbours at her place of residence. We verify where Ms M. stays during the night. Our observations reveal, that Ms. M. is constantly using the car of her boyfriend to commute to her workplace. An interview of the landlord brings to light, that the rent for the appartment is a 100% payed by the unmarried partner of Ms M.

Excerpt from the investigation report

"Our investigations have revealed, that the centre of vital interest of Ms M. is currently located in S. at K-street 12 and not her officially declared address. It could be observed, that Ms M. is living together with her unmarried partner L.F. Furthermore, it could be discovered, that Ms M. is using the vehicle of L.F. as if it were her own and that L.F. is paying the rent for their mutual apartment. It had to be assumed, that Ms. M. and L.F. are living in a consensual union." ... "Based on our research, a qualified cohabitation between Ms M. and L.F., appears to be a fact."

Recent rulings

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